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ISO Certification Provider Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangladesh, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Pune, Pondichery

Ecovadis Consultant

What is an Ecovadis certificate?

The Ecovadis Rating covers you extent of compliance with corporate social responsibility management systems including Natural,Labor and Basic freedoms, Morals and Supportable Obtainment influences. Each organization is evaluated on the material issues as they relate to their organization's size, area and industry.

Why Ecovadis is mandatory?

It Provides confidence for your customers that you have an effective corporate social responsibility system.

What are the Ecovadis ratings ?

Ecovadis Evaluations are proof based and adjusted to in excess of 200 industry classifications, 160 nations and organizations, of all sizes. They cover four maintainability themes: Environment, Labor and Human Rights, Ethics and Manageable Obtainment.

What is Ecovadis scorecard ?

The Ecovadis carbon scorecard gives a free evaluation of your organization's carbon management system and execution. The scorecard will recognize carbon the executives execution levels and show explicit qualities and improvement regions targeted at each level.

How long does Ecovadis assessment take ?

A standard mission requires around 12 16 weeks to finish. It incorporates: Presenting the chose exchanging accomplices' information to EcoVadis;

  • Registration
  • Information assortment
  • Expert analysis
  • Scorecard distribution.
  • How to get Ecovadis Certification ?

    The Ecovadis evaluation is a four stage process,

  • Step 1-Enrollment of your association at the portal
  • Step 2-Presenting a refreshed questionnaire
  • Step 3-Master investigation of the information gathered
  • Step 4-Results.
  • What is Sustainability Assessment ?

    A sustainability assessment can be characterized as the method involved with recognizing, estimating, and assessing the possible effects of options for supportability.

    How to prepare sustainability Report ?

  • Put forth your goals before you start.
  • Distinguish issues and pick pointers./li>
  • Anticipate inconvenience in information assortment.
  • Break down the information basically.
  • State key perceptions.
  • Convey such that individuals will tune in.
  • How BMQR help to achieve for Ecovadis ratings ?

    BMQR provides consultancy , training and documentation assistance to get Ecovadis ratings . BMQR also coordinate with the various cerification bodies to get ISO 14001 , ISO 45001 , ISO /IEC 27001 , ISO 37001 , ISO 26000 etc .

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    We have 10 branches all over tamilnadu so that we can able to send the person near by your location Krishnagiri,Madurai,Nagercoil,Puducherry,Salem,Thanjavur,Thiruvananthapuram,Tirunelveli,Trichy,Vellore.

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